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The Demise of Craic Wisely creates The Sivs [Nov. 11th, 2009|09:55 am]
Craic Wisely fan blog


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Well, Craic Wisely may be lost to the winds of change and time (for now), but their demise gives birth to their new form The Sivs who are releasing/have released a new CD "Derelict Diner" as well.

The Sivs
"Derelict Diner"

The music: There's something deliciously British-sounding about the debut from Grand Rapids' The Sivs, a four-piece rock group featuring Craic Wisely frontman Todd Herring, guitarist Vincent DeVito, drummer Christopher Morse and bassist Peter Fox (with production by Brian Zieske and bass work/writing by David Zeyl). Sort of like Michigan's version of The Verve. Powerfully dark, this is commanding, distinctive music with a retro bite.
Get it: iTunes.com amazon.com
Spinfo: thesivs.com, myspace.com/thesivslive

... Is it just me, or does it sound like they could also be a good Caroline Spine cover band too?
... I would also like to add that Todd's style is exactly the type of singing that kills me in Rock Band. XD