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The Last Craic Wisely Show (ever?) [Sep. 25th, 2009|07:50 pm]
Craic Wisely fan blog



.. that certainly seems to be the implication here.

at 10:00pm, on Saturday, September 25, Craic Wisely will perform their last scheduled show at the Kalamazoo Irish Festival.

... now, there seems to be a little back-tracking on whether or not this will be the last show Craic Wisely will ever play.  They still intend to hang out, jam together, and whatnot, but this may be the end of doing "tours" or the likes.  Who knows, they may still show up from time to time to play at Quinn & Tuites, or make an appearance at some festival somewhere, or an impromptu performance at some pub... but if you want to catch them as they are, in their last Hoorah, check out the show on Saturday, if you can make it.  Make a good showing for those of us who won't be able to make it.